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hey whatsup??

I am also on accutane, a few details about me are: i'm a 17 yo male, i weigh 63.5KG, I have a yeast infection on my skin (seborrheic dermatitis (spelling?), have had acne since I was 13/14 so like beginning of puberty I guess. My skin has never really been oiley and I only break out on the lower half of my face really, a few breakouts on my forehead but it tends to stay clear quite well.

My skin is looking so much better now but you're way further into the treatment than I am!! i'm on day 36 of mine at 35mg/day.

My main problem is how much my skin is flaking, the moisturiser I use is non pore blocking and slightly tanning so when I have like practically no red marks it covers then up beautifully and my skin looks clear, but this flaking looks like i'm wearing a beard and moustache of flakey skin!

dunno what to do about it :(

I'm this close to asking this girl to go out with me and I am about 95% she likes me in that way :D I made her laugh and stuff last time I saw her and I know she's single so :D in her texts she always says she loves me, misses me and wants to be with me :D

well anyways let me know how things go, must be harder being a women coz as a bloke I will prolly grow out of it within a year or two anyways, in fact maybe I am already? :D


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