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Re: I hate my dermo
Sep 24, 2005
If your dermatologist is not responsive to your needs, you should see another dermatologist. I know it is sometimes not that easy especially with the restrictions placed on us by our health plans. I have a PPO so I can see any specialist without getting a referral from my primary care physician.

Antibiotics and topical retinoids can help with acne but it appears that you are not responding to them. Retin-A didn't do much for me so I told my doctor that I wanted something else. She prescribed minocycline. It worked but I hated the side effects. She recommended Yasmin to me. I was a little apprehensive because I was on ortho tricyclen on two different occasions and I it did not work for me. I got a three month trial pack of yasmin from my gynecologist and loved it. I think it was the combination of the mino and the yasmin that keeps my face clear.

If you think your acne is hormonal ask your doctor to do the tests. It can be PCOS. Do you have irregular periods and or excessive hair growth? If Yasmin doesn't help, your doctor can prescribe something called spirolactone. The hormone in yasmin (drsp) is similar to spiro. Some women are even put on both yasmin and spiro to help with acne and hirsuitism.

I know it is the yasmin keeping my face clear because a few months ago i tried switching to diane-35 (because i heard it was a better bc for acne) and i started breaking out on my face. i just finished my pack a few days ago and i am considering weening myself off the bc but my face feels a little oily today. i may be on yasmin for the rest of my life so that i can keep my face clear.

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