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ok thanks for the information.

You make me a little less skeptical of it now. I am going in a few weeks to ask more about accutane. If I don't like what I hear...I'm stopping the topical stuff...keeping the benzol peroxide and buying the toner and lotion from proactiv. I loved being on proactiv mainly because of those two things. It was so simple and it seemed to yield results. Hopefully, though what I discovered last night will make a huge difference.

I was confused so much how my acne could be getting worse after all these months of marked improvement. I mean great results up until a month or 6 weeks back. I figured it all out I think. These last 6 weeks I've hardly worked much...summer job had ended and I had a long time until school started. I drank tons of milk before I got acne and I pretty much vowed to drink very little if any at all for weeks at a time during these past 18 months. So I am sitting around and being lazy before my new school year begins and I'm drinking milk every day AND thinking because I started breaking out maybe I should try drinking green tea...yeah...I forgot about the caffeine in it. Didn't drink uncaffeinetted green tea and I've been drinkign about 5-8 cups a day HOPING it would help somewhat. So I am drinking tons of milk and green tea and probably not drinking enough water and add that with about a week long period of eating pretty much just candy....(DUMB) yeah well let's just say today is DAY 1 of not eating anything dairy and not drinking any green tea. I'll eat dairy if it is a part of my dinner but no more milk. I also got on a multivitamin which I think will help too. HOPE SO.

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