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drinking a lot of water is key... no matter what, whether you are on meds or not water is vital. you need to keep hydrated. i am on accutane for a month now and i believe the reason i havent been hit hard with the dryness factor is because i drink a TON of water each day. moisturizer helps too, but i really dont use that much.

bion tears by alcon are pretty awesome, for your eyes. i use them once and a while.

good luck with everything. this is a good place to come to help stay focused. dont stray from the plan, or we'll kick your ***

Accutane was the best thing that I have ever done with myself. I was on 80 mg a day through the whole thing. Diet was not a real issue with me. I was actually told by my derm that Accutane was fat soluble and dissolved in fat, so I ended up taking it with not so healthy foods. It has been a year off Accutane and i eat whatever I want and am fine, but everyone is different with the diet thing.

It will work out good for you, just give it time.

i've got a lot of blackheads on my nose and the area around.. do i just leave them alone?? and there's a ****ing big spot on my nose!! argh... the acne on my back and chest doesnt seem to be better but the skin on my face is certainly peeling and some parts of my face is better.. i got a lipbalm from nu-skin, it's very good.. at least i wont have my lips peeling every now and then..
Hey, Im on day 8 and yours sounds almost like mine! My skin is a little worse and itchy almost, where its dry in some places and oily in others....just plain annoying. i have been dealing with depression and the whole '' not wanting to leave the house until this is over deal ' but i keep reading posts on here and they sure make it seem like even if the first few months is rough, its worth it in the end! But it sure is annoying in the mean time, huh. I wanted to ask you in your 1st post you said you were staying away from bread...etc...and banana? Why is that , im just curious. Ive been eating bananas like crazy thinking any type of fruit would be if you know something bad about um' let us know!! :) Good luck to you
good luck to u too! i've replied ur questions in ur journal, go check it out.. =)

24 mth's almost up..i'll be going to see my derm tomorrow.. well, i guess i'll ask if my dose can be increased to 30mg or 40mg.. but i kinda fear if my nosebleed or hair loss will get worse..
i've noticed that the red marks are kinda staying for a long time, but the active spots are gone within few days..the pills has helped a lot with the oil control! it's not oily anymore..i'm really grateful for pores are really big though.. oh yeah, the skin on my body is beginning to get dry too, the acne on my back's a little better, except for 3 or 4 new spots which are drying up now.. overall,i'm pretty statisfied with the results now.. esp when im only on 20mg for the time being

im glad the to hear the pills are working with the oil so soon for you! i hope thats the same its weird to be half dry and half oily! Just in case you dont check my journal, I got Jason Biotin Shampoo for $6.50 at my local health food store....they have them at grocery stores too, a few different kinds....and ive read on here it helps with hair loss including ppl on accutane. Good luck at the derm tomorrow! :)
just came back, my dose's increased to 30mg.. cant find the shampoo, but i saw two which are:avalon shampoo and klocane shampoo.. any idea if they're good? both has biotin.cant find neospirin too, but saw : dermatix and mederma... anyone know anything about these?

by the way,i wont be updating for a while cos i'll be busy studying for exams.. see u guys soon!

glad its getting better for you! I havent had any blisters of any sort but yeah, it prob is due to the fact that the skin is more fragile. What we go through for good, clear NORMAL skin. *knock on wood* lol. hope it continues to improve for you, keep us posted! :)
[SIZE=4]DAY 124[/SIZE]
4 mth+++

hey there,i havent been updating this for a long time. i browsed around the board, many new members here and same of the old ones. wassup everyone?

alright, my skin right now is defiinitely better than the way it were before. no cystic acne anymore leaving only a few small little ones. that is good, but still a little far from the results i expected. the red marks on my body is fading but those on my face is pretty obvious still. my derm told me to have laser treatment 6 mths after i'm done with the tane.

i'm really love this med, cos my skin really improved a lot. my skin is quite dry these days, esp on my arms and lips, but i'll do with cetaphil n my lipbalm. my dose is increased to 40mg, the highest i can take according of my weight ( i'm not sure, but that's what my derm thinks, she calculated it based on the total dose of the course) gonna be on it for about 3 more mths..

my diet is pretty heathy now, though i dont eliminated junk food, i eat them at a moderate amount. i drink as much water as possible when im not working and also, i certainly watch the sugar content of the food or drinks i take.

alright, that's all for now. Good luck to everyone else going thru the same thing as me. we'll survive. =)
hey! i didnt realize you had updated your journal and i wrote to u in mine...oh well lol, so yea glad its going well for you. Youre on the same dosage as me ( 40 is also the highest i can go w/ my weight ) . My derm is also keeping me on for a nother 2 mnths ( total of 6 or a little over ) because, good news for you too!, he said it works better on a lower dosage at a longer time. I, also, have started having really dry arms, mainly the forearms. Are you using anything for that and its working?

everything else good with you? again, keep us updated and hope you continue to do well!

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