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thx. i guess i should really stop worrying..

it's weird, b4 the treatment, the right side of my face was very bad..but now it is a lot better BUT, the left side is getting worse, with all those bumps under the skin and some whiteheads there.. the corner of my lips were bleeding just now, guess i'l have to put on some moisturiser cos it's toooo dry. but somehow, i'm kinda liking the dry skin,lol, cos this is the lst time in years that i dont have to deal with the oil on my face.. also,i seriously have to keep my fingers off my skin, cos it is making it worse..
by the way, i think i'm beginning to lose more hair than usual, hope it doesnt get too bad..

btw, i heard that drinking milk will make the skin worse.. is that true? why? i understand that sugar is bad, but why milk?

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