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I'm currently using Differin cream. I don't apply moisturizer after I rub it in at night and my skin has actually felt BETTER (NO irritation, burning, dryness, etc) than when I was using my non-RX meds. I also use Benzaclin in the mornings and do moisturizer after that.

I was prescribed it in the past; however I wasn't told how to use it so, of course, it didn't work. A few months ago I was prescribed it again and (AGAIN) not told how to use it or what to expect. I did some research and learned about it and have been using it for a few weeks now.

It's already started to help with the inflammation of my cystic acnes and as for an initial breakout, it's only been little whiteheads and blackheads brought to the surface. Not usually what I get, but that's because they sit below my skin for a long time and then turn into cystic acne when they finally come to the surface. I can deal with whiteheads and blackheads for a bit, as I can already tell that my skin is getting better!

Unfortunately, the things that will keep your skin the clearest usually have an initial breakout period. Just suck it up and keep thinking about beautiful skin when you're done. FYI: Pure Luxe mineral makeup is amazing at covering redness (female AND male, it doesn't look like you're wearing anything).

Also, none of these topical treatments OR internal medications CURE acne. That means that as soon as you STOP them, acne will come back, unless it's been years and your hormones have changed. (Edit: Accutane does "cure" acne in some people, but no other medication has been known to.)

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