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[QUOTE=sandaws]MediaGal, I'm 22 also and fighting bad acne. Could you tell me your daughter's daily skin care regimen and the exact products she uses? I would like to look into the Origins products. Thanks so much.[/QUOTE]

My absolute pleasure to help anyone out who is willing to ask and listen :)

In the morning, she washes her face with Checks & Balances face wash because it makes her squeaky clean. Not dry, just "tight" as she calls it. Then she uses Comforting Solution toner, it's for sensitive skin. If she has a minor pimple, she uses a tiny drop of their..... damn, what's it called, hold on...... Spot Remover. Just on that little zit, or one drop per sit. I just read the box she keeps it in. Ingredients do have salicylic in it, but a bunch of essential oils that must be the reason it doesn't burn her. Then, she's been using Plantidote, and just one drop covers her whole face. She's used 2 drops on the problem areas that have since been basically cured. Then, one pump of Perfect World White Tea Skin Guardian over her entire face, eyelids & all. (I use it too, it keeps the skin so silky, and keeps foreign objects - dirt & pollution - out of the pores, away from the skin) followed by Make A Difference for face - just a little tiny bit goes a long long way. The M.A.D. is skin "repair" and is to promote healthier skin, and for me, it DOES poof out fine wrinkles over time. Then she follows with her moisturizer when she needs one. Have a Nice Day is with SPF 15, and now that summer's over, she/we are using Perfect World Moisturizer for the face, it's full of anti-oxidants. For make-up, she uses Stay Tuned by Origins in her color, which is Bare. On those previous occasions when she had her "monthly (thank you God) visitor" and had those handful of nasty eruptions, she used their Out of Trouble Mask for problem skin just in those areas (like the nice fellow & girls in the store advised) and the immediate surrounding skin for just about 3 days or so, and BAM, the zits were not only zapped, but flattened!!! As regular maintenance, we are both using the Modern Friction dermabrasion that has all natural ingredients, and uses rice starch, aloe, vitamin C, and I tihnk lemon extract to get rid if dark & red scar patches. We exfoliate at night, throw on some of the Perfect World MASK, and go to SLEEEEEEEP. Origins does make a night cream called Night-A-Mins that is suposed to give you stronger skin via tons & tons of vitamins & minerals that I use on the normal nights, when I'm not masking.

So, for her, after trying products for over a DECADE, she is now a clear-faced, very happy, and might I say beautiful CONFIDANT young lady---- FINALLY. I must attribute the greatest success in her regimen to be adding the Plantidote to the rest of her regimen. Now the BIG questions: How many layers do I have to put on???? Well, not including the occasional toner and face wash, I count 4, not including the Eye Doctor for her dark circles & puffy morning eyes. And the next big question: How long does this take to apply all this stuff n the morning? I clocked her at about 4 minutes from washing to "ready for makeup". (Bathroom time is at a premium around here) Make-up is what it is, and that's a matter of preference. The bottom line is that you get used to your couple of quick smears and you're DONE. I also beleive that you just SHOULD NOT RUSH to get amazing skin! It just doesn't work that way folks. I've personally witnessed acquaintances that got frustrated and "product hopped" or even worse, mixed brands that argued with each other and made their skin worse, stressed, and the catch 22- - - worse skin than they had before they started. THIS is the big WHY I send all of my friends to the Origins at the westchester mall. Sometimes I DRAG them in, and low and behold, the great people in that store just take the time to EXPLAIN how things work, and best of all..... and they've repeated this to me: "If you don't like what the products do after a few weeks of adjustment, then BRING THEM BACK, EVEN IF THE JAR IS EMPTY. Have you ever heard of such a policy at the Perricone or Chanel counters EVER? "Um, sorry ma'am, this is used, I can't take it back.' which is simply disgraceful. Origins has become like a home away from home to me, and they even call up to see how I'm doing and offer advice in the event I missed something. If you live within 50 miles of the place, just GO THERE, or call ahead and they'll schedule an appointment for a facial for you that they do for FREE. I go about once a month for my facials there. It's actualy how I got into the Origins line. I stopped in, they had free time, and gave me a facial on the spot, but i WOULD call first. I think I'm not allowed to post phone numners, so call info, get the number to the store at The Westchester Mall (and never at one of those horrible department store counters, the temp-workers there are horrible and rarely know what's going on unfortunately.) Just call them, then go in, and walk away with the healhtiest happiest skin of your life,

ANd yes, the body products are all natural and amazing themselves. I must use half the store by now.

I really hope that my little corner of advice will help so many of you who have been on & off of those sickening & drying medications, AND those of you using the oil-based, overpriced junk that your dermatologists are selling you at inflated costs,

Can you tell I've been through all that, only to get unhappy skin and a nasty disposition because those quacks only wanted to sell or prescribe ANTIBIOTICS & their own JUNK?


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