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Acnemom, you sound a lot like my mom :) I am 21 now, but in highschool and and again about 6 months ago I had horrible acne, I would always be crying to my mom about it and she did everything in her power to help me, always taking me to the derm, buying me every product and potion she heard about, buying me all kinds of supplements and vitamins. I just wanted to say that I don't know WHAT I would have done without the support of my mom through those rough times... I hear all the time on these boards about people saying their parents "make fun" of their acne, or refuse to help them, or tell them to "get over it." I feel SO BADLY for these poor kids that have to deal with acne AND unsupportive/ignorant parents. I really applaud you for being so proactive in your daughters' search for a cure, and also for being a good support system. More than anything, while dealing with acne, I just needed someone to support me and help me pyschologically deal with the stress caused by acne. I wish more parents would be more like you!!!! :)

I am on Accutane now for the second time right now, (I am 110% clear right now's an undescribable feeling) but I think I am still going to invest in this Plantidote as maintenance. Sounds like good stuff, and as my mother would always say, "you don't know what will be YOUR cure until you TRY it out!"

I must ask, have your girls been on Accutane? For some, it is truly a permanent solution (my boyfriend for example... 7 years completely acne free). The more serious potential side effects (depression, suicide) have recently been debunked as to being linked to taking accutane. As for the more minor side effects (dry lips, eyes, skin, eye sensitivity, body aches), I have found them all to be quite manageable. Right now I am on 60 mg and sometimes I even FORGET I am taking Accutane b/c I have hardly any sideffects save for some dry lips.

Okay sorry for that interjection, but I just had to wave my Accutane flag ;) The Plantidote does sound promising, and if you don't want to pay full price before you try, I have seen that they are selling 1 week samples of it on e-bay.

I hope everyone keeps posting about their experience with Origins, I too am curious to see who else is cured! Keep hanging in there everyone.

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