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let's talk about Modern Friction a little bit. Does your daughter use it?
I assume it shouldn't be used on active acne, but I don't know that I'll ever be crystal clear. At what point did the Origins folks tell her it was OK to start with the micro?
How often do you and/or she use it?
Also, I am just using the Plantidote right now, no other lotions or creams (I use a larger amount of it, and it is the perfect amount of moisture for me). But in the winter, my skin can get a little dry in places...they gave me a sample of a lotion at the Origins counter, they said it was the lightest moisturizer they carry, but I can't remember the name. Any thoughts on that...meaning, does you daughter have oily or dry skin and what does she do for moisture?
SO many questions....
Thanks in advance for your info....

HI! I'm back from my little trip :) Yes, we both use Modern Friction. You're right, you should never use an exfoliator on active acne, or wherever the skin is broken as it needs to heal first and the redness should subside. I just asked her and she uses it 2 to 3 times a week. I use it every 3 days. I would definitely add the Perfect World Skin Guardian to your routine because it's protecting your skin, especially after exfoliating. The Origins people should have labeled your sample, so you'd know what to come back for! The people at the store where I shop have their samples with preprinted labels on the little pots, but there is a label to write on. Tell them to do that next time. The moisturizer is Balanced Diet but it's very light. Perfect if you're not too dry and just want a little something. I've used it during the summer at night because it has no SPF. It took the tightness out of my skin after cleansing when I needed just a little moisture.

My daughter's skin has changed for the better, and now she's gone from oily & dry to true combination, pretty even all over now, but the t-zone is shiny so she uses Matte Scientist. Thanks to the Modern Friction though, her and my pores have been dramatically reduced, and as I said before, the Perfect World guardian keeps pollution out of the pores so they don't ever fill back up and enlarge.

Glad I can help! AND I'm glad you're pleased with your improved skin :bouncing:


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