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[B][SIZE=3]day 31[/SIZE][/B]

Well I was able to go to my derm yesterday and also got my prescription. I"m on 60 mgs now and the derm told me I will probably stay at that for the rest of the treatment unless I'm still breaking out a lot, maybe 80mg by the 5th month.

Before I ran out of medicine, I had a very, very bad outbreak. It was disgusting. Huge, but huge cysts. I have a theory of course. :D I stopped wearing makeup before my original visit (thanks to Wilma it was delayed a week) and I think that makeup (Revlon colorstay) actually dries my face and heals it more quickly. So I was desperate as usual. I started wearing makeup even to go to sleep. Right now they are smaller and some are gone, but it could be coincidence too. There you have it, a good excuse to wear makeup. As far as my face now, I have a lot of red spots but way less blackheads, so it's definetely working.

Anyways, today I had a facial (recommended by my derm and covered by my insurance) and it was ok, I really don't notice anything different yet. A little painful, they pop your whiteheads, which at this point I don't care too much about them. The woman even said that I didn't have that many, that it was mostly cysts (thanks for the reminder) and she also asked since what age I have suffered from acne. I guess she was shocked that I never had a facial before.

The side effects are minimal. I do get very thirsty, I'm starting to think it's psychological. At the doctor's office they told me that I need to wear the hydrator cream on my face, but I told them that I was scared I would breakout more. But they insisted a lot (3 different people) so I guess I have to do it.
[SIZE=4][B]Day 60[/B][/SIZE]

I went to the derms office and she told me she saw a lot of progress. I'm still in 60mgs. I asked how long I would be on accutane (can you believe I hadn't asked before?) and she said 3 more months, especially now that my skin is looking so good after 2 months. :) I thought it would be longer.

I only have a small bump on my right cheek. Before while I washed my face I used to count my bumps. (I used to have around 12-20 bumps on my left cheek and 8-14 on my right) so that is a major improvement. My skin feels very healthy because I moisturize after i wash my face. I do have a lot of red marks. I use makeup always, except to go to the derm. My derm say we can look into scar treatement when the red marks heal more. (scars are my real fear, because I don't know how deep they're gonna be). For sure I'll do anything to remove scars. I already had some scars from before the Major Breakout and I was already considering scar treatments. I'm really concerned about what scars this cystic acne is gonna leave. I had acne all my life, mild, moderate and severe at times, but never cystic.

Side effects very minimal. dry lips will still be #1. I need to apply lip balm more often. I still have some dry skin, especially the area around my mouth. When it's really dry I apply aquaphor. I'm not as thirsty as I used to be. No muscle pain, even after running on the treadmill. (I'm afraid to run outside b/c of the sun exposure)

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