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I am so frustrated! I have started using the topical antibiotic to go with the Retin-A I am already using. But the results, though better than with Retin-A alone, are far from perfect. I have a prescription for minocycline but am afraid to use it because of all the side effects, especially yeast infections, which I get. Has anyone else used this long term? I also read you have an increased risk of respitory infections while on this antibiotic as well as liver problems. I know acne sucks, especially body acne!, but this seems worse! I do want to live to be old!
Acidophilus helps to prevent yeast infections while taking antibiotics. You can find it in pill form at a health food store or even Trader Joe's if there's one nearby.

I don't know about respiratory infections or liver problems. I am currently taking minocycline for 2 months, so maybe the long term effects aren't an issue for me and that's why my derm didn't mention them.
I had experience with Tetracycline years ago, and the mino is in the same family, off by a molecule or two but the results are basically the same. The big danger with doctors prescribing antibiotics ALL THE TIME is that while you're treating your skin problems, you're building up a resistance to the drug, and a lot of it will collect in your liver and stay for years. The issue with this is that some day, when you're 40 years old and NEED to use one of these antibiotics for an unrelated infection (respiratory, surgical, internal, ect...) that this one antibiotic that WOULD have been the best, may no longer work as intended for you.

As I've studied herbal remedies and nutritional supplements for about 30 years, I would like to suggest BURDOCK ROOT for skin and respiratory infections because it WORKS. Look up Burdock Root anywhere on the net and you'll find its uses. It works AMAZINGLY for skin, and helped me greatly last winter when I had a bad chest cold with infection, and it had ZERO side effects. ZERO. The beauty of taking the burdock is that if your body gets "too much".... your body makes a nice bright yelllow PEE, and out goes the excess supplements! Burdock comes in tea form, but I took the capsules because it made life easier. The hot tea I drank when my chest was on fire, and I made it strong, with a little squirt of lime juice if you'd like, but it tastes fine by itself.

There is also the new Plantidote SUPPLEMENT from Origins for better skin, but I've only been using it for a week or so and have no real opinion yet. It comes in a dropper bottle, and you take a dropperful with a glass of water I think that my skin is better, but I tend to give any new thing a few more weeks to prove itself. In combo with the Plantidote Serum and the Perfect WOrld skin guardian, (plus the new love of my life, Modern Friction) my skin is now invincible, so I'm expexting great things by addiung the new supplement to my skin regimen.

I was on amoxicillian for my acne for years. I also got yeast infections from it (at least one a month). I took acidophilus every day, twice a day. For a while it seemed to help but eventually all it did was cover / lessen the symptoms of the yeast infection.

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