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My Accutane Log
Oct 6, 2005
[B]Day 11:[/B]

Well I am now on day 11 of Accutane. I have been taking 60mg daily (alternating 40/80). By the third day my face was feeling very tight and itchy. Even though my oil got worse it felt like my face was sunburnt and I noticed my skin was very red. I also started breaking out right at the 3 day mark. Up until two days ago I was still breaking out. I'm still getting new spots but not at the rate I was. I'm sure it is the Accutane causing this because I have not broke out this bad in 3 years. But it seems that things are calming down now and in the morning my skin looks better and better. There is no more oil on my face. I know this is probably just a little calm period in my initial breakout but I can only hope that the worst has come and gone.

As far as side effects. Pretty much just the usual stuff people list. Very dry skin/lips. I started using Cetaphil moisturizer instead of Complex 15 and it's working better. I also have been applying lip balm several times a day and it seems to be keeping the cracked lips away. It's really not that bad at all. My hands have been getting dry and my back feels itchy sometimes but thats about it. This morning I noticed dry skin peeling off all over my face for the first time but I applied moisturizer and now it's fine.

Well thanks for reading this. I'll be updating every few days if people are interested in how things progress.

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