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I'm hoping to get some quick responses to this before in the morning. :) For a week now I've had 2 HUGE cysts on my cheek and one on my chin. I have been putting 10% bzp w/sulfer on them every night and they have not improved. I have two important appointments tomorrow and I am literally wigging myself out thinking about having to face people with these 3 cysts on my face. The ones on my cheek are right together, one above the other, and they have to be the size of small peas, no kidding, and very tender. I want to just forget about and stay at home, but it is extremely important that I make it to these 2 appts and I DO NOT want to face anyone with these cysts. Any quick fixes to at least reduce the size of them? Tonight I applied 5% bzp cream combined with 1% hydrocortisone cream to see if that helps. Before applying the creams I iced them for a few minutes, but they still look as big as ever. Why oh why must I be cursed this way...ugh! If anyone has any quick fixes or suggestions, please let me know. TIA!

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