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Do you have sensitive skin? I do, and wanted to share how to curve its affect on your acne. First the most important step is my a shower filter I live in upstate ny and the water is very hard. I bought a paragon filter for only $20 at home depot and replacements are only $10 I replace about every 3 months. You won't believe what gets caught in the filter when you change it the first time. Just buying one of these alone will have tremendous benefits on your skin but for those of you like me other steps are needed. Second I only wash my face once a day in the shower at night. Washing more then once a day for me causes my skin to dry out to much and equals more acne. Third I only use cetaphil gentle cleanser on my face to wash. About 20 mins after the shower I apply 2-3 drops of jojoba oil to my face mostly concentarting on my chin and cheek area. I then apply neutrogena on-the-spot bp cream to my forehead, nose and next to nose under my eyes. This is where my skin becomes the most oily and the only place I find the bp to be effective. I do nothing to my chin, cheeks, and neck besides the jojoba oil. Fourth, this step for men who have to shave. For me shaving can be quite the problem especially if I try to use a blade razor. I have restored to using remington bread and sideburn trimmer because it causes the least irratation which equals less redness, oil and acne. The only bad part is you can never get that really close shave you may want. I usually shave before my shower but you can probably shave whenever you want without ill effects. While everyones levels of sensitivity are going to be different hope some of this info can help and I cannot stress enough how much the shower filiter will help I know the paragon is not the most effective filiter money can buy put for the fact you don't have to order it on the net and the price its great.

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