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Hi! :wave: I'm going to try to answer everyone's questions...

It can take 8-12 weeks for it to fully clean your skin and begin to keep it clear. Like all retinols (sp.) it is absorbed to the lowest layers of your epidermis and begins it's process by pushing everything down there to the surface (thus more acne for a while). I have sensitive skin, but Differin CREAM (there is also a gel) is the most gentle of all the retinols on the market. If you find that it's irritating your skin too much, you might be using too much (a pea sized dot is really all you need) or using it too frequently (try every other night). I didn't find anything beginning to come to a head until 3-4 weeks into use. All retinols tend to leave a film on the skin. It's not bad, it's helping heal your skin, keep moisture in your skin, etc.

Is a must. I don't apply it at night but in the morning after Benzaclin. I LOVE Oil of Olay Complete Moisturizer with SPF 15 for Sensitive Skin. I use about a quarter sized dollop over my face and neck.

I apply a thin layer in the morning. I have noticed that I need to be careful to avoid my eye area (think about where you get bags or dark circles), otherwise I get a burning sensation.

As with all acne medications, spot treating DOES NOT work. The medication needs to be put on consistantly to effectively keep acne away. I can post more information about this, but if you do a few searches, you'll find out why. The main reason: Acne takes 2-4 weeks to form before you even see the pimple.

Yasmin (other bcps):
Most types of bcps will help with acne. However, it depends on the woman who's taking it. Some get great results with Ortho Tri-cyclin, others with Desogen, etc. Sometimes one brand will work for a few years, then stop. It's all trial and error. I personally did not like Ortho Tri-cyclin. I loved Desogen, but it gave me acne and spotting after a year and half. I'm now taking Yasmin and so far so good. (My main reason for taking bcps is not prevention of acne although it is a nice side effect as my hormones are normally wacky.)

I hope that this information will help some of you! Unfortunately, for most women acne is caused by hormones, which can be hard to control and change over time.
Some things that you can do that I've noticed help me greatly:
- Drinking 8-10 8oz glasses of water a day
- Finding out how much sleep you need to feel rested and getting that much every night (most people need between 7 and 9 hrs, some more some less)
- Regular exercise, even 30-60 minutes of walking
- Taking a multivitamin in the morning with breakfast
- Actually eating breakfast
I'm not saying these things will help your acne; however, it will make your body healthier, you feel better, decrease stress, etc. All these things CAN lead to acne. If anything, you'll feel better about yourself!

Also, stop trying different products (cosmetic, acne-prevention...). Stick to one type of face wash (Cetaphil for Normal/Oily Skin is my favorite), one moisturizer, your prescribed medications. Less IS more! If you don't see an improvement after 3 months, try something new. It all takes time. (I've had acne since I was 14... It's changed over the years, but bc I was patient and kept up my medications, I've generally always found something that worked for me for long periods of time.)

Good luck!
Feel free to ask me any questions or just talk for support! :)

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