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Hi ladies! The Plantidote (there's an insert in the box about the anti-inflammatory results from using it) may just be helping your breakouts be "less angry", and definitely not as pronounced I bet. As my daughter experienced with her chronic chin breakouts & bumpiness.... the skin became smoother because the non-red swelling went down, and over a couple of weeks, the breakouts just ceased completely. It seems like a long term solution, but from my own experience, super-quick results usually had a boomerang effect. Clearing up quickly usually resulted in a great big return of bad skin when a "miracle" remedy was used for a while (like with the Proactive program). The Plantidote worked slowly and methodically and in my own case (I never metioned this in the other thread) my nose always seemed pinker than the rest of my face, and now it's "calm" and the same color as the rest of my face (older skin than yours I bet). I realized this one day when I went to put on my liquid foundation and went to apply a little extra to my nose..... and stopped in my tracks because it wasn't needed. I actually stopped and said "Oh wow....". As far as the bumpy forehead is concerned, Amo is right about the Out of Trouble mask making the skin smoother and less oily. I've had slightly bumpy skin and the Modern Friction used with a little water to dilute it used a few times a week, followed by Plantidote and Perfect World skin guardian and then SLEEP, seems to have reduced the bumpy forehead to just a few precious bumps near my hairline--- which I'm sure is due to my hair products seeping down there.

The best part about all of the Origins products? All natural! I know, there are preservatives, but not many. The price of the Plantidote is sixty-five dollars, but it's supposed to last 6 months or more, so do the math. Ten dollars a month for the best skin I've ever had? I'l take that expense!


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