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[QUOTE=amo]Hey again, be honest, I am not sure if I can remember how long it took for the Nature's cure to help, all I remember is that it worked pretty well for me, and I don't remember thinking, "when is this going to start working..." so it must have been quickly.

The Plantidote is essentially doing for me what moisturizers don't. My skin has been really soft and smooth (where it isn't broken out, which it still definately is!) and my make up goes on really smoothly afterwards. My skin isn't crazy oily, but most lotions and creams are too heavy for my skin. The Plantidote gives me the perfect amount of moisture. And it certainly isn't aggrevating my acne, tho I can't say that I think it is improving it.

I feel like the Capsiderm helps calm down big breakouts. But it obviously isn't getting me clear. What else are you using on your skin right now? What is Klaron again?
Is your face clear otherwise (except the forehead?)

You know what else I like from Origins? I have this 10 minute mask called Out of Trouble or something, it's for acne and oily skin. It has sulfur in it, amongst other things. I've noticed my skin has not been as oily as it used to be since using this and the Plantidote.


Klaron is a sulfacetamide (sp?) its gentler than all the other perscription topicals. At first i thought it was helping but now its just not making my skin any better or worse..its just not doing anything.

I'm using Baking Soda to exfoliate, and I just started the capsiderm again and I was experimenting with this face wash that my dermotologist office makes...I'm taking the NC pills and using the bp (i'm spot treating now)...I have just went back to Paulas Choice BHA lotion to see if that works...

I just dont know what to use anymore :confused: ...

I'm clear except for my forehead and the occasional pimple on my chin and i have red marks from previous acne (but thats no big deal to me). I just want to get clear my freakin' forehead!!!

I'll just wait to see if the NC pills kick in (i really hope they do!!!)


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