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I thought i'd let everyone know how i am getting on with improving my skin. I have suffered from acne for about 10 years. I am now 23. It started off as blackheads and over the years slowly got worse and worse and now i sometimes get cysts. I decided to start the blue light treatment as i was fed up with my skin. I had 8 sessions of blue light. It is totally pain free. Its quite relaxing - you lay on a bed with a blue lamp over your face for 20 mins. After every treatment my skin broke out a little but towards the end of the 8 sessions my skin was getting better. They say it takes 12 weeks after the last session to see the best results as it promotes a healing response in the skin. Once i had finished the blue light sessions i started on a home care regime of glycolic acid face washes and lotion. I carried this on for two weeks and then started on a course of glycolic peels. These peels are once a week and help smooth out scarring and deeply exfoliate to prevent more acne forming. A few days after my first glycolic peel my face broke out quite badly. Apparently it brings everything to the surface all at once! Every peel after i got a slight breakout after but every week the breakouts were less and less. Right now i am 4 days away from my final glycolic peel (course of 6) and my face is almost clear. I have a couple of nasty cysts which has been there about a month, which are almost healed now. My skin is so soft a smooth - i can't beleive it! Also, my face used to be quite red but all the redness is gone now. To maintain the effects i have to have one bluelight session every 8 weeks a nd a glycolic peel once a month. It has been quite pricey. I think i have spent about 1000 so far but it is definitly worth it! Feel free to ask me any questions about what i've had done as i would like to help people with their acne problem. I know what a problem acne is and how it effects your confidence.
ok.............its a few weeks on now from my first post. I thought i'd fill you in on how im getting on. I now have one blue light treatment every 8 weeks and a glycolic peel every 4 weeks. I use glycolic face wash and lotion at home. A few days after i go for one of my treatments my skin breaks out a bit, for about a week. I think this is because it brings up anything that is lurking under the surface. Everytime the breakout is less and less severe and i am 90% pleased with how my skin looks now. I will continue on this program as i am seeing a steady improvement.

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