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[QUOTE=indianacne]Sorry this post is so long. I have had acne for past 12 years (27 now) wasn't bad until age 18, started on BCP and that keep it crystal clear until last year. I had been using retin a .025% GEL to keep me clear. For past 1 year my skin has been really sensitive, can't use anything wiht AHA, glycolic acid or even BP becuase it dries me out too much. My skin gets taut in that area and I break out with tiny zits and comedones. My derm thought maybe retin A gel had become too strong for me and switched me to differin cream. I use it every other night and my face still feels dry, even when I moisturize, but it is not dry and flaky- it never flakes just gets dry and tight. I am tired of these zits, i feel like I have 100s of them on my cheeks (right worse than left). I am not sure what to do anymore. Today I thought about just ripping off my skin. I can't take it anymore. Now I have really sensitive skin. Does moisturizing too much (too thick) make you break out. What should I use (cleanser, moisturizer, topical treatment). Please please, this is my last resort[/QUOTE]

I'm sorry to hear about your skin and your frustration...

You could try washing with a really gentle cleanser (i just read someones post about washing with olive could look that up in this thread).

I really like aloe vera gel (it gets rid of flakes) could try jojoba oil (it is basically just like your own skins sebum and its very gentle).

Maybe you could start taking flaxseed oil or fish oil...something with omegas, that might just help your skin (many people find that these oils help with oil and keep their skin subtle).

Dont apply to much stuff to your face because that will only make your skin more sensitive and make it worse.

I dont know anything about olay complete but you could always find reviews for it online before you go out and waste your money. I always look for reviews before i go and buy stuff.

The perscription topical that is the most gentle for your skin in Klaron, you could look into that. I use it and it never makes my skin worse or aggravates it.

Let us know how everything goes :wave:

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