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Well i started Accutane last that this the 8th day I would take a pill. No improvements so far, infact i think its worse :rolleyes: I'll give a background of my situation. My acne ( only on the face) started in 6th grade when it was just puberty and all that fun stuff of being a girl. I had perfect skin in 10th and 11th grade before the end of high school when it was HORRIBLE!! It was all of the sudden...and it realllllly affected my sure some of you can understand!! :) We'll I have been on every oral antibiotic and pretty much every topical...with no help really in the long run. I have done ClearLight ( dont do it , its a waste of $!! ) and smoothbeam...which i LOVED and made my skin wonderful again for about 8 months then right when i go back to college BAM its all back with a force. It's so hard to be what seems the only one on campus with a problem. :eek: Soooo I was put on accutane, and hope this works for good!!! So far I dont have chapped lips, my skin is a little dryer but still is oily, which is gross because its like half and half, and i swear i have pimples all equaly over my chin and cheeks now( it was mostly around the smile line area and chin/jaw before) . Mostly they are like smaller dry yet still there type that you want to get rid of but you can because ive read on here popping anything on accutane is much much worse! By the way it started ( my skin was nearly perfect until about 1 1/2 months ago ) when i started taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen LO , then my skin became horrible again! My dr switched me to just Otho Tri Cyclen and am half way done with my 1st month with that ... for a total of 1 1/2 months on i have a feeling the birth control may have triggered the acne again, and know that it takes 2-3 months to regulate and adjust so i hope that happens soon! any girls have this problem with birth control?? :confused:

My Daily Routine:
Wash: cetaphil gentle wash
Shampoo: Biotin infused shampoo and Neutragena Conditioner ( heard you can have a little hair loss, so i hope the Biotin helps!)
Birth Control ( Ortho Tri-Cyclen)

Wash w/ cetaphil , apply a little Nelsons Tea tree oil acne gel if i feel the need
Take accutane pill ( dose of 40mg for now) with dinner

Please respond! I'd love to share details/get stories from others on accutane!! Good luck to all! :angel:
Well the dry skin has kicked in!! Quite itchy in fact- anyone know how long this lasts? Im using cetaphil moisturizer....hope it helps! :) journal..;)

i saw ur comment at mine.. well i'm crossing out banana from my diet cos it contains a high concentration of sugar and sugar will cause acne cos of some reaction with the hormones.. and bread, i think it's the same too.. some ppl also avoid dairy products like milk,but i'm sticking to it anyway.. my skin has improved a little since the lst pill, it's not oily anymore and some pimples i had b4 the medicine has cleared. but my pores certainly look bigger.. abt the depression stuff, well,it's not becos of acne but due to some other stuff, but acne has certainly made it worse.. it sucks.

the itchiness will last for maybe one more week.. when some of the whiteheads or junk in ur skin gets out and also,when ur skin gets used to the dryness,i think it'll be better. at least for me,it's the case.. cetaphil's great for the dryness.. are ur lips dry? get a lipbalm..mine is peeling like ****.. oh yeah,im only on a 20mg dose now, but hopefully it'll be increased tommorrow when i'll be seeing the derm again..(one mth's up) by the way, can i get the biotin shampoo at pharmacies? i've noticed some hair loss now.. =/
Hi there!

Thanks for responding! So far my lips are not dry, but i put lip balm and lip gloss on 24/7 so maybe thats why...i havent given them a chance to dry out! :) As far as my skin on my face goes though.......its like desert :eek: Mostly around the nose and mouth, and its itchy like crazy! I sure hope it last only a week more lol, but ill be using moisturizer a lot more than usual i have a feeling. I bought Biotin shamoo at my local health food store, but I have seen it at my grocery store too....I bought Jason Biotin Shampoo ( they have conditioner too) and I love it so far. I have a ton of hair and wasnt tooooo worried about it but i got it just in case!! Its not too expensive for a natural shampoo- i got it for 6.50. Also, has anyone had their acne[I] spread [/I] while on accutane?? Mine was stricly on my cheeks/jaw area and i have some on my neck ( like 3-4 small spots) :confused: lol i dont want it there!!

Update day 9 *

Dry, Dry, Dryyy!! lol I was using a Beta scrub ( even my derm said ok to it on accutane :confused: ) but i think it started to irritate my skin so cetaphil is going to be all i use...even though it doesnt feel very ''cleansing'' so far...

No other side effects so far... im hoping the breakout i had about 2-3 days ago was my initial breakout and i got it early on! That seems to be drying up and hopefully will go away soon! :)

Good luck to everyone on accutane :angel:
I sure hope the initial breakout is over soon! :) Good luck at your derm tomorrow!

I'll update tomorrow.....nothing new except a little less dry ( thanks to cetaphil i think! )

night all *
day 12

not much new :o itchy, dry pimples from initial breakout. i hope this means they will go away in the next few days. to be honest i have not looked at myself up close in about 5 days. lol im just afraid :rolleyes: no dry lips, im worried my dose may not be high enough ( 40 mg right now, im 118 lbs) but maybe i just have moist lips. Also, i had been using cetaphil gentle wash and my mom went to buy it again and bought cetaphil daily facial smells nice, but is this one not as good for the skin?

well, ill continue to update, let me know how everyone is doing! :)
day 21

:) good day! when i wash my face i can feel less and less of those ''plugs'' and bumps...and it seems like all of the pimples i had are drying/scabbing over...yay! hopefully those will go away quickly. :cool: as far as dryness...none! really weird huh? i expected to have horribly dry lips and skin by now...but not at all! i have tons of cetaphil moisturizer ready to go but i have no this not a good sign? lol again...i kind of wish i did in a way need lip gloss or aquaphor all the time just so i knew it was working hard. oh well. i wont complain about it lol. also, im using bare minerals makeup and LOVE IT so far!! apparently it does not clog pores so it wont make you break out...and i seriously love the non liqued foundation, that always seemed like it would break me out or feel too heavy. this stuff is great on accutane so far and covers well! :)

3 weeks down....4 months and a week to go :) hope everyone's experience is going well!!
its goin okay....i was on 20 m/g twice a day however i am now on 40 m/g twice a day and its drying me out like crazy. i almost thinkin my doctor maybe jumped ahead a little too much. i think i feel another breakout coming from the increased dosage but im praying lol. im also experiencing red hairfolicles/pores around my hands, wrists and forearms but its only the pores, im not sure why its like that but it drives me crazy. im lotioning and tryin aquaphor so well see. ohya and i think the recovery is getting even slower with the increased dosage. what moisturizers are you guys using for the body...still cetaphil??
Day ... 44? lol i think

glad to here its going well for you! i kind of wish my derm would up my dose to at least 60mg ( im at 40 and weigh about 125 '....but he doesnt want me to do the whole initial breakout again and swear it willl do the same! oh well, i have an appt with him next weds, i sure hope its better by then!

so far : nothing is dry. not my body ( which is clear ) not my lips not my nose...nothing . maybe im a small % of ppl who dont get dry?? :confused:

pimples: still all there basically.... a few less in some , a few more in others. but they are weird, they are there, but dry and crusty on top. just the tops . its gross.

blackheads...on my nose..NONE!!! :) my cheeks...? ii havent looked to be honest...i try not to until it feels better when i wash so i dont get upset lol but i can feel some coming out on my chin.

and pains.... just lower back...omg is that sore when i lay down!! but i can handle that for clear skin at the end

hope its going well for everyone else :) and kdogg...yes i still use cetaphil, even on my body, but ive also used for my legs/back eucerin for body...its nice and not at all oily.
day .... 51 or 52 lol

ok so yesterday was smoother, today i have a couple under my jaw ( nothing horrble, just....there ) and one or 2 on my cheeks new. but it is better, i saw my derm today and he said 6 months, which kind of upset me b/c he said 5 before. oh well, as long as it goes away!! he said it was better though and he would keep me on the 40 mg as he doesnt like to up dosages. i asked about the eucerin but he said no because it had castor oil, which he didnt want to try, so he said to stick to cetaphil. so .... overall, im happier.... still not content with it totally, but its better than having it worse like it was the first month :)
I am on day 30 today I just started using a little generic cetaphil and I had a couple of spots break out. I am going to take it back they will give you the real thing or your money back if you are not happy with the store brand. It's the first signs I have seen of an out break. It is disappointing after you go so many days with great skin and have to explain why you are starting to break out again.
oh im sorry to hear that! i didnt know they sold a generic brand of cetaphil- i use the one with the blue label, it smells better than the green label one lol. it took a few days for it to feel like it was doing anything, but i love it. i would try to see if they had that and see how that goes. sorry to hear you had a rough time with that kind though. it will be fine soon :)

happy holidays to everyone :)
hey! im so glad you enjoy reading it...i feel really bad im not accurate on my days, but its hard to keep track sometimes :) dont you just hate the '' rollercoaster''? im the same as you are...great, good, bad, good, bad...etc. its frustrating, but now i am actually a lot better than i was just a week ago...last week i had a few active ones here and there and a big one on my cheek....all gone now. so just hang in there :) it is tough and frustrating when u get new ones, but it will get better! and try to not switch your products too much...if something works for you try to use that and not go back and forth, it will confuse your skin, i have days where i think the cetaphil isnt doing much, but its really great as i compare other more expensive products even. good luck and hang in there, it will all be good soon enough:)
hey thanx.....and ya i guess your right about switching the products. i mean if my skin is already goin thru stress then i keep throwing new stuff at it its not gonna help. i think the same thing about like this stuff isnt working but really it is and its great. im still undecided about the using cetaphil lotion but its not the kind that says for face and im wondering if its leading to the blocked pores on my forehead. what kind of moisturizer are u using again??
hey! yeah i really like the cetaphil pump cleanser, but also dont care for the moisturizer because i thought it was too heavy so i use eucerin....its really nice and light and hasnt clogged my pores, i can wear it all day and its great and non greasy. ive also heard neutrogena is good.
hey lexla, and other female accutane users:

when you wear make up, does cetaphil take all the make up off? Because with me, it feels like its just smearing on my face not doing much -.-... give me some advicee.. i've been on accutane for 1 half months now and my face is kinda clear except my forehead which has like 5 active pimples. But my hair covers it, so that okay.. MMMm.. some days i'm fulli clear.. and the next i get active ones.. RRR frustrating!!
1Badgirl- sorry to hear you got sick and had to stop your treatment....the back pains are normal on accutane usually since it dries you out so the bones are also drier ( i read that somewhere lol ). im not sure exactly how much longer i on about day 82 so that makes me about almost 3 i have about 3 months to go. Im glad i have 3 months left!! Im happier right now so im sure ( knock on wood lol ) that it will be even better in three months. so you are starting up again, thats sure you will like the end results. Also, my derm is actually upping my dose from 40-60, so im hoping that there wont be any side effects ( like another initial breakout...etc) .. he said it shouldnt, but i hope he is right! :) let us know how yours goes

*pig_tails*- yes cetaphil does take all my makeup off....but i do have one trick to it, i wash my hands 1-2 times ( kind of hard) with the cetaphil before hand until it gets almost foamy looking...then i put some in my hand and do the same until it foams and then wash with it, i like the feel of it and how it works better. Yea the one day clear, one day you have a few new ones is normal i think, i still am like that! You cleared up a lot sooner than i did, because im just gettiing to the point where I have like 2-4 a month untl i get to that ''female time'' and then i get like 4 new ones. so it is normal, it will just take some time. hope all contines to go well :)
[QUOTE=RuBee]Yay! Went to the derm today, and I should be starting acutane on friday! Quick questions to throw out: What do you wish you would have known/done, what are you really glad you did, and what products can't you live without now. Thank you so much! Reading these journals makes me feel so much more prepared![/QUOTE]

The main thing i totally regret i did in the second course i took is taking too high a dosage. I was on 120 mg (180 pounds). I think it just made my face go crazy.

Secondly, also on the second course, I was getting so frustrated I tried other treatments while i was on accutane. Like I would put egg yolks on my face, tee tree oil face masks, milk, god i even put toothpaste on my active pimples!! When I look back at it all i can think of is what the hell was i thinking. I think it just got so bad i literally lost my mind. I would get so frustrated I almost wanted to take a blowtorch to my face! (figurtively speaking).

My first treatment I did nothing. I took the pills and I did nothing else but moisturize. I was on 100 mg at my highest dose and low and behold, patience and rationality prevailed and I got 100% clear from it for a long time.

This time around I'm taking the same route as my first treatment and even staying on 80 mg for the whole cycle. I do have benzamycin cream which i now use ONLY as a spot treatment for white heads.

The moral of the story... LEAVE YOUR FACE ALONE, let the Candytane work.

As far as products i can't live without I'd probably say, cetaphil moisturizer cream, Spectro Jel FaceWash, and Carmex Lip Balm.

I hope this helps, Goodluck and welcome to the path to clear skin.
hey accutane dude i got a ? for u tooo on 80 m/g and i weigh only 150lbs and i find myself thinkin that maybe im on too high of a dose too. Im almost 4 months in and the redness is pretty bad. I have cetaphil cream but havent really used it. When you apply it, do you do it once a day right after washing or what??? thankyou

Hey lexla And I hope everything is going well!!
[QUOTE=kdogg]hey accutane dude i got a ? for u tooo on 80 m/g and i weigh only 150lbs and i find myself thinkin that maybe im on too high of a dose too. Im almost 4 months in and the redness is pretty bad. I have cetaphil cream but havent really used it. When you apply it, do you do it once a day right after washing or what??? thankyou

Hey lexla And I hope everything is going well!![/QUOTE]

My advice would be to stick with the dosage you're on, especially seeing as you're 4 months in. Just don't allow your derm to up it anymore.

I'm taking my course very slowly. I'm 180lbs but started, at my own request, at 20mg a day, then I upped to alternating 40mg and 20mg, and now I'm on 40mg daily on my 7 week. I may end up on 60mg nearer the end, to finish the treatment as quickly as possible, but I won't go any higher than that.
hey lex!! i would recommend the cetaphil moisture cream for your body....i really like it and havent broken out from it, i use it everywhere even on chest and shoulders where i was affraid becuz of breakouts before...but yes the dryness sucks!! lemme know what you use and how things go cuz im in the same boat!
First I want to say that reading these journals is very helpful.
I'm new here - a mom to a 16 year old boy who just started
accutane last week. He has suffered from bad nodular acne
on back for quite some time. Last summer it started on his
face. He was on minocycline for 2 years. Our family doc
didn't know what to do - told me to birng him for a "facial".
Finally I asked for a derm referral. We had to wait 3 months
for an initial appt but once she saw him and read about his
history, she didn't hesitate to prescribe the accutane after
he had his blood tests.

We also have cetaphil cream and facial wash. Both seem good.
The derm did recommend Purpose moisturizer because it comes
with an SPF of 15 or 30 and accutane has sun sensitivity as a
side affect.
yeah they are really helpful....

lex i had the same problems but more at the beggining of my course what i did was just makesure to keep my mouth moist but free from water like when i would drink, or brush teeth of anything i would jus be extra careful and i would apply cetaphil cream 3 times a day but only a thin layer....lemme know how things work for you though.

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