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day 12

not much new :o itchy, dry pimples from initial breakout. i hope this means they will go away in the next few days. to be honest i have not looked at myself up close in about 5 days. lol im just afraid :rolleyes: no dry lips, im worried my dose may not be high enough ( 40 mg right now, im 118 lbs) but maybe i just have moist lips. Also, i had been using cetaphil gentle wash and my mom went to buy it again and bought cetaphil daily facial smells nice, but is this one not as good for the skin?

well, ill continue to update, let me know how everyone is doing! :)
I'm also starting accutane and i am just curious of the process! How tall are you and how much do you weigh? and also what is your dosage? (sorry if you already answered it somewhere in your post). I'm going to start accutane in 4 days on a 60gm dosage per day for 5-6months. I also have pcos and wondering if yasmin (birth control pill) is okay and won't interuppt the accutane process? I'm going to start these at the same time.. as i am a first time user for both.

im on 40 mg a day ( one pill ) for the whole 5 months, my derm said switching it up would just make me break out each time and 40 would do the same as any other dose. so i guess thats a good thing!? lol
day .... 51 or 52 lol

ok so yesterday was smoother, today i have a couple under my jaw ( nothing horrble, just....there ) and one or 2 on my cheeks new. but it is better, i saw my derm today and he said 6 months, which kind of upset me b/c he said 5 before. oh well, as long as it goes away!! he said it was better though and he would keep me on the 40 mg as he doesnt like to up dosages. i asked about the eucerin but he said no because it had castor oil, which he didnt want to try, so he said to stick to cetaphil. so .... overall, im happier.... still not content with it totally, but its better than having it worse like it was the first month :)
hey! as far as the day number its abot 70- i really need to go count my boxes though later- so i will let you know after i do, thanks california for your support!

as far as ''going through the cycles'' i mean one day i will have a good day and the next i dont want to leave my house. lol. its really like ive said before- a rollercoaster. it goes up one day and im happy then the next day or week its at the bottom and im miserable. ive read before though that other people go through similar situations- even into month 4 and 5! ( i hope not! lol ) but i understand why you get depressed about it- im 100% with ya. i even have days i wake up and its great then by the time i go to bed i have 2 new ones. its tough but it WILL get better!! just keep posting to get your frustration out and one of these days ( soon!) you'll be posting about having clear skin :) good luck and im always here

yeah its fine to wear makeup on long as its non comedogenic or tested to not affect acne, its good. i would say it is from your period , ive got mine too! and trust me, i was going pretty good and yesterday...bam...i got probably about 5 new ones....and not long after that female friend came along. how annoying. :rolleyes: but at least i can blame it on something lol. but yeah, it is completaly fine to wear makeup while on accutane! :)


well it was going really well, and then i got about 5 new ones...3 on my upper cheek, one in the middle of my cheek ( ugh ) and one or 2 on my jaw area. but it is '' that time of the month '' so im expecting it is because of that mostly. they are going away i wont freak out i guess lol. still mild to no dryness, less oil :) , no blackheads and amazing pores!!, but really bad back/joint pain lately. oh well, once i get past this time of the month and get these to go away, it should be pretty good and hopefully on its road to clear skin :) ....but i dont get my hopes up. lol

hope everyone is doing well, happy new year!!!

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