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Well i started Accutane last that this the 8th day I would take a pill. No improvements so far, infact i think its worse :rolleyes: I'll give a background of my situation. My acne ( only on the face) started in 6th grade when it was just puberty and all that fun stuff of being a girl. I had perfect skin in 10th and 11th grade before the end of high school when it was HORRIBLE!! It was all of the sudden...and it realllllly affected my sure some of you can understand!! :) We'll I have been on every oral antibiotic and pretty much every topical...with no help really in the long run. I have done ClearLight ( dont do it , its a waste of $!! ) and smoothbeam...which i LOVED and made my skin wonderful again for about 8 months then right when i go back to college BAM its all back with a force. It's so hard to be what seems the only one on campus with a problem. :eek: Soooo I was put on accutane, and hope this works for good!!! So far I dont have chapped lips, my skin is a little dryer but still is oily, which is gross because its like half and half, and i swear i have pimples all equaly over my chin and cheeks now( it was mostly around the smile line area and chin/jaw before) . Mostly they are like smaller dry yet still there type that you want to get rid of but you can because ive read on here popping anything on accutane is much much worse! By the way it started ( my skin was nearly perfect until about 1 1/2 months ago ) when i started taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen LO , then my skin became horrible again! My dr switched me to just Otho Tri Cyclen and am half way done with my 1st month with that ... for a total of 1 1/2 months on i have a feeling the birth control may have triggered the acne again, and know that it takes 2-3 months to regulate and adjust so i hope that happens soon! any girls have this problem with birth control?? :confused:

My Daily Routine:
Wash: cetaphil gentle wash
Shampoo: Biotin infused shampoo and Neutragena Conditioner ( heard you can have a little hair loss, so i hope the Biotin helps!)
Birth Control ( Ortho Tri-Cyclen)

Wash w/ cetaphil , apply a little Nelsons Tea tree oil acne gel if i feel the need
Take accutane pill ( dose of 40mg for now) with dinner

Please respond! I'd love to share details/get stories from others on accutane!! Good luck to all! :angel:
Hi there!

Thanks for responding! So far my lips are not dry, but i put lip balm and lip gloss on 24/7 so maybe thats why...i havent given them a chance to dry out! :) As far as my skin on my face goes though.......its like desert :eek: Mostly around the nose and mouth, and its itchy like crazy! I sure hope it last only a week more lol, but ill be using moisturizer a lot more than usual i have a feeling. I bought Biotin shamoo at my local health food store, but I have seen it at my grocery store too....I bought Jason Biotin Shampoo ( they have conditioner too) and I love it so far. I have a ton of hair and wasnt tooooo worried about it but i got it just in case!! Its not too expensive for a natural shampoo- i got it for 6.50. Also, has anyone had their acne[I] spread [/I] while on accutane?? Mine was stricly on my cheeks/jaw area and i have some on my neck ( like 3-4 small spots) :confused: lol i dont want it there!!

Update day 9 *

Dry, Dry, Dryyy!! lol I was using a Beta scrub ( even my derm said ok to it on accutane :confused: ) but i think it started to irritate my skin so cetaphil is going to be all i use...even though it doesnt feel very ''cleansing'' so far...

No other side effects so far... im hoping the breakout i had about 2-3 days ago was my initial breakout and i got it early on! That seems to be drying up and hopefully will go away soon! :)

Good luck to everyone on accutane :angel:

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