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[QUOTE=RuBee]Yay! Went to the derm today, and I should be starting acutane on friday! Quick questions to throw out: What do you wish you would have known/done, what are you really glad you did, and what products can't you live without now. Thank you so much! Reading these journals makes me feel so much more prepared![/QUOTE]

The main thing i totally regret i did in the second course i took is taking too high a dosage. I was on 120 mg (180 pounds). I think it just made my face go crazy.

Secondly, also on the second course, I was getting so frustrated I tried other treatments while i was on accutane. Like I would put egg yolks on my face, tee tree oil face masks, milk, god i even put toothpaste on my active pimples!! When I look back at it all i can think of is what the hell was i thinking. I think it just got so bad i literally lost my mind. I would get so frustrated I almost wanted to take a blowtorch to my face! (figurtively speaking).

My first treatment I did nothing. I took the pills and I did nothing else but moisturize. I was on 100 mg at my highest dose and low and behold, patience and rationality prevailed and I got 100% clear from it for a long time.

This time around I'm taking the same route as my first treatment and even staying on 80 mg for the whole cycle. I do have benzamycin cream which i now use ONLY as a spot treatment for white heads.

The moral of the story... LEAVE YOUR FACE ALONE, let the Candytane work.

As far as products i can't live without I'd probably say, cetaphil moisturizer cream, Spectro Jel FaceWash, and Carmex Lip Balm.

I hope this helps, Goodluck and welcome to the path to clear skin.

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