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Day ... 44? lol i think

glad to here its going well for you! i kind of wish my derm would up my dose to at least 60mg ( im at 40 and weigh about 125 '....but he doesnt want me to do the whole initial breakout again and swear it willl do the same! oh well, i have an appt with him next weds, i sure hope its better by then!

so far : nothing is dry. not my body ( which is clear ) not my lips not my nose...nothing . maybe im a small % of ppl who dont get dry?? :confused:

pimples: still all there basically.... a few less in some , a few more in others. but they are weird, they are there, but dry and crusty on top. just the tops . its gross.

blackheads...on my nose..NONE!!! :) my cheeks...? ii havent looked to be honest...i try not to until it feels better when i wash so i dont get upset lol but i can feel some coming out on my chin.

and pains.... just lower back...omg is that sore when i lay down!! but i can handle that for clear skin at the end

hope its going well for everyone else :) and kdogg...yes i still use cetaphil, even on my body, but ive also used for my legs/back eucerin for body...its nice and not at all oily.
hey kdogg! oh sounds like its going well for you too, congrats! Thanks btw, i am really happy with it, i just hope it stays. Yes, I did stay at 40mg, im about 118-120 in weight so thats what he thought best, and it sure worked! I did stay with eucerin, it works well on my skin and doesnt break me out. I completaly forgot about aquafor, i deff. will use that on my arms, they are awful and red now they are so i guess it its not one part its another, right? lol After that goes, i will be 100% happy with it all! Hope it continues to go well for you, keep me updated plz :)

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