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Ok so that good day came and went. lol . Back to the not so good. More active pimples on my cheeks and now i have a few along my jawline/right under! Nothing huge, but scary to have them there now:o My chin is a lot better and that was my worst for awhile. I only have about 1 or 2 left there, with some marks left from where the rest were. But my cheeks :rolleyes: ugh. I guess its not horrible, but i have probably 8 or 9 all together on my cheeks. I had to pop 2 out this morning...they were absoultely disgusting and both of them were at a very large head, so they easily came out. I just couldnt go to dinner with 2 huge whitehead zits at the same point on each cheek....yes, they were like a reflection, same exact spot. ugh this all sucks. My derm said to hold on and the results will really show by the end of the 2nd month....soooo that leaves a little over 2 weeks...i hope i see it by then. Hope its all going well with everyone!

Also, random question, but has anyone else noticed those zit removal commercials ( i wont name the brands ) where they use ppl with [I]perfect[/I] skin ?? and they are staring in a mirror in broad daylight saying '' oh no i have a pimple!''?? for some reason i see it as kind of rude...since they obviously dont have a problem. idk lol maybe thats just me! :)

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