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I just wanted to get some advice before I visit my dermatologist..again. I was on Accutane two years ago for 6 months. I only had moderate acne but it was extremely persistant. I think I took 80mg/day (I was 135 lbs)- and I was clear after the treatment ended for about 7 months and then started breaking out again. I have tried antibiotics which were only temporarily effective and started Yasmin, Clindamycin, and Differin gel two weeks ago. But if these are not effective, I am considering another treatment of Accutane. I am just wondering if this is a smart move- I had a really bad initial breakout for honestly 2 months during my first treatment and my skin did not clear until the 5th month. Is Accutane any more effective the second time or is it going to be the same story where I'm clear for a year and then break out again? I just had a hard time during my last treatment and dont want to go through that again if the results are going to be so fleeting. Thanks for your advice.
well i guess this KIND OF pertains to your question.. well more so just commenting that i went on my first course of accutane for 5 months and have been off of it for 1 year now. i actually was supposed to be on it for 6 or 7 months but i lost my 6th Rx and my skin was good enough where i didnt even bother getting more. sooo the last year has been a bunch of up's and down's.. but not so serious. just recently it's been getting worse, but even then it's just moderate and nothing make up cant cover up. but still, i'd like to be completely clear so im going on accutane for a 2nd round. i am getting my new Rx tomorrow so we shall see! i am hoping i get the good experiences that everyone on here talks of like quicker results, and hopefully not the rare cases where it's worse... yikes! keep us informed on how your 2nd course goes i'd be curious to see someone else's results aside from my own.

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