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What you need to do with red marks and scars is hit them almost immediately. Especially with scars, the earlier you treat them the better. If you get a bad pimple or cysts and when it heals it leaves a scar, there are some things that can really help if not get rid of it completely. First of all, itís important that you make sure the mark is completely healed, by this I mean that its not still in the healing process, were it kind of scabs then falls off. Once it has finished healing and there is a red mark, scar left, you need to put acid on it. Some scar will fad with time (few years), others will not. Weather its one that will fad or one that stays, the acid will help it tremendously. The longer it sits the more chance itís going to be permanent. The annoying thing is that most of us cant really put heavy acids on because it will leave a dark red mark and then peal, and when your going to work/school it makes it hard. But if you can, put on a light TCA peel (only if you have done the lighter peels first and you know you can handle TCA) every month for a few months. Itís amazing how fast the scars will start to fad. This is first hand experience. I have completely gotten rid of light scars this way. You need to hit the scar when the skin is still fresh (which is usually with a year or two after the scar). As a note, when you do the peels and the skin peels away, itís going to look like nothing happened. In fact nothing has happened yet, it will take months (4+) after the peels to really start to see good results. If anyone has any questions please ask.

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