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My face has allways looked terrible, pimples everywhere. And I don't think they are "normal" pimples, because they come up from under my skin and are filled with puss, its almost like they are valcano's coming up to the surface, and when the arrupt, its gross. Also, my face is so oily, it begins to shine minutes from washing my face. For awhile, I was steaming my face 2 times a week, which helped some, but with my busy schedual I can't really keep up with it. I've seen many dermatologists, and the meds they give me cause me to dry up, or arn't strong enough, and its like I "adapt" to the pills. They only work at first. Does anyone experience this? I'm older now, and my pimples are probably as bad or worse then when I was younger. Most of my pimples are below my mouth; on my chin or in the crevaces there. I have scars galore. I also don't wear any make up, I think that when I DID wear makeup, my pimples were less severe.

1. Does anyone else have these problems? (big, massive, painful under-skin zits?)

2. Are there ways and meds to decrease oil production?

3. Any QUICK home remedies that help?

4. What gets rid of scars?

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