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I have been trying to eat healthy recently and I feel I need to go all the way in this regard in order to make significant progress with my skin in both preventing new pimples(mostly cysts, I can stand the small ones), and repairing old red marks.

I'm looking for a critique of a whether or not it is a well balanced diet, and if there are any common acne causing foods left to eliminate.

Here is what I might eat on a typical day(I am not including junk food in here because I KNOW I shouldn't be eating ANY of that)

Morning snack:
1 Medium Apple
Few Almonds

1 Large Apple
1 Kiwi
20-30 almonds(soaked the night before, rinsed in the morning)
3 egg whites
2-3 carrots
2-3 celery stalks

Salad composed of: 1 Cucumber, 5-8 egg whites, 1 Medium Avocado, 1
Large Apple

Snacks later:
An Apple or Pear here and there.
Can of sardines, or salmon(the kind with all the skin and bones still in there)

Now I have to say, that is how I TRY to eat. I usually end up overeating at night(though I balance it with undereating at other times so I don't gain weight). At night is when I am likely to eat a bagel(or 2, or 3) with cream cheese, or a bag(or two) of microwave popcorn, or finish off the small pizza my brother ordered. I also have a few sugary snacks at work when the evil people there bring them in(I had three "fun" size twix bars today)

Looking for help. I hear SweetJade is good with this stuff. Do you have any thoughts?

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