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Stox- I think I may have what you are describing. They are tiny raised bumps I started getting around age 30 or so. At first I thought they were acne cysts. I saw several (many) aestheticians, derms, docs, etc. I've heard that they were just clogged pores, but no, over the years they remained. Since I have had a dermabrasion treatment and a CO2 laser treatment. Both times after the initial swelling they came back! I finally found something to clear my acne about 4 years ago- bactrim. However, I still have so much oil that it literally sort of stays in my skin, just doesnt form a pimple. I am currently on accutane, just completing my first month. My hope is that it will get rid of the oil and shrink the pores. Secretly I hope that it will improve these bumps! They drive me crazy!
Oh- once I had an aesthetician cautherize a few of them. It was the only thing that ever worked. She literally burned them off, like a wart or something. They grew back in a few places, but in others they stayed flat (ter). Hope this helps you, and I will tell you if this accutane works on them.

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