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May 26, 2003
I think a big part of our health (not just ACNE) has a lot to do with our EMOTIONAL side.

Many have posted here that they will try not to think about their faces and what not. But, it is easier said than done, nevertheless, worth trying not to think about it.


I remember years ago when I didn't have too much acne. Life was great. I didn't think about my face. I kept simple with a wash at night. Thats about it.

But for the past 6 months, I have been living in a world of hell and pain. Looking at the mirror ever 15 seconds, feeling my skin carefully to check for any 'new' lumps, thinking about what to eat or not to eat - just a big mess!

Eveything I do, I think about my face. I watch a movie: I look at the actors and try to pick out any pimples they have on-screen. I play basketball, I worry the sweat will clogg pores if I don't wash my face that instant. Life is horrble for me right now!

The only thing keeping me in high hopes are the fact that NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. I am still young (20) and my acne, someday or another, will go away. The exact date is a big questionmark.


Nevertheless, there are many helpful ways of 'helping your brain' cope with acne and skin problems - just as there are with more serious stuff like cancer.

Like cancer patients, many professionals recommend daily meditations early in the morning. Meditate deep with a clear mind. Clear your mind of troubles, think about how smooth your skin is, and know that if there are any irregulations in your health, know that your mind will heal it. It is the power of positive thinking and the fact that mind is more important than matter.

There are many books on this topic, many CDs, and DVDs to help with emotions. I figure is the WESTERN medicine (even Accutane) isn't getting the job done, why not try EASTERN HEALING?

Einstein once said that imagination is more important than knowledge.

Patience is a virture. Time is the best cure for anything - esp. ACNE.

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