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At some point about 6 years ago I went on Accutane and was using various antibiotics and my acne almost completely vanished near the end of the course.

However, at some point near the end of the treatment I mysteriously developed an allergic reaction to all forms of dairy, even dairy derivatives such as sodium caseinate. If I have even a small amount of dairy (especially whey or caseinate) I will break out in acne like clock work that same evening or the following day. Dairy is a mucus forming food and it is almost as if my body is flushing it through my pores. It takes nearly a week of abstaining from any and all dairy before it clears my system and my skin returns to normal.

I did some searching recently and have read in other places where people have said that their acne was also caused by milk or dairy and that abstaining from it cleared them up (which is how I remain as long as it stays out of my diet). I only discovered that dairy was my problem after I had my tonsils removed and the doctor said to avoid all dairy products because of the mucus forming factor.

I drink almond milk and 8th Continent soy milk as a substitute for real milk. The 8th Continent is the only one I could find that tastes decent (kind of like snow cream) and the almond milk is good with cereal. Despite these substitutes it is a serious annoyance to have to avoid all dairy as it is so prevalent in just about every processed food (which means reading EVERY label).

I would really like to know if there is a solution to this. Using 10% benzoil peroxide wash daily and 2% salycilic acid Oxy pads helps to keep it under control because I never know when a slice of bread will have whey in it when I eat out.

Also, the problem hasn't been as bad lately since I started taking a probiotic complex so I am wondering if the bacteria which help me digest milk were killed off by all those anti-biotics I took.

Has anyone else experienced this with their acne being caused by dairy products?

Sorry for my post being so long winded. Just thought I'd put out the whole story right from the start. :)

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