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Re: Update--CURE!?
May 24, 2003
First, B5 is a vitamin, so it's okay to take it with Doxy which is an antibiotic. I did not breakout initially with B5. It takes 2 weeks before B5 starts taking effect, and that is exactly the time I noticed a reduction in oil. I'm not familiar with Klaron lotion. Is it a moisturizer? The MK treatment is basically BP, so it should be continued. It really sounds like you need a BHA added to your routine to lift that submerged clogging out of your pores (which B5 helps also). Does your Clearskin have a BHA in it? If so, that'll work. BHA is really wonderful in deeply exfoliating your pores and helping them stay clear. I had to push my clogs out first, so now they just stay healthy now that the gunk is out. I'm talking just the good old manual gentle squeezing them out. You really should have a toner and then a BHA to follow right behind this, and make sure you put a very generous layer of BP (MK's is fine) over those (wait a few minutes between each application). Do it at night because the squeezing will look bad afterward, but by morning you should look normal again with BHA and BP doing their job. Do not squeeze anything deeply embedded or more than once--you might get a cyst. I would advise taking the B5 for 2 weeks before you start to push anything out. Again, get a BHA (and a gentle toner too) before you do any of this. It all works together, and any missing steps make a huge difference in how effective it is.

I had a hard pimple (deeply embedded blackhead) which came out on its own using the BHA CONSISTENTLY with the B5 caps. That things was there for years! I didn't even need to push it out myself.

After years and years of trying everything under the sun to clear pores, this routine, exactly as specified in the last post, really works. Zits are easier to clear, but those stubborn clogged pores, if your skin is oily, was a real challenge.

BB's wild lettuce soap made a huge difference too. It really cleans your skin down deep and prevents bacterial-caused breakouts (the hormone kind are another matter, of course).

I've stopped using the jojoba, unless needed, and I use the Paula's Choice anti-oxidant also when needed. These are options for calming and moisturizing.

A BHA at l% in a cream form is best to try first. The BHA at 2%, when used daily, can make you red and oilier, but it is a great weapon after any picking or pushing.

Hope this all helps. You may want to rethink the Klaron lotion if you want to do this routine, but that's not really for me to say.
Re: Update--CURE!?
May 25, 2003
Poreoilyme...these are the products I'm currently using...I do switch off and on every now and then...which I probably shouldn't do...I should stick to one thing... Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Blemish cleanser...Burt's Bees Wild Lettuce Soap...I use Burt's Bees Tomato Toner...or Witch Hazel with Aloe...I don't put creams or lotions on my face...I feel it clogs my pores and I don't wear make-up...only eye makeup...I put Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel on and then my prescribed Klaron Topical Lotion. I also take Doxycycline 2x's and I just started my B5. I am clearing up...I just have like a hard one that won't go away...there's nothing in it...I don't see a BHA in any of these Items...What products do have a BHA in them? I feel like I've used just about everything out there...I know I'm missing something though. Thanks for your help ;)

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