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thanks for your reply!!

i'm a little worried about getting too dry, I'm using glycolic lotion now to get rid of uneven color... My acne left me 5 years ago, but of course yesterday I was so annoyed I picked at something that wasn't even there, and now I have a scab on my face... (i'm taking my own advice though and used polysporin, which already helped it)

ANYWAY, I'm getting married in 3 1/2 weeks, and I'm a little leary of trying this before the wedding... but, I've been using a "sugar scrub" sold at walmart for probably 6 months... and i used to love it and my skin is used to glycolic acid, but now I think I don't like the scrub part of it... I'd rather be gentler on my skin then scrubbing with sugar!!

do ya think by using a 10% glycolic cream already for at least 6 months that by using this 15% glycolic cleanser is going to dry me out too much??? It was shipped yesterday and I'm guaranteed to get it by tomorrow... I think I may try it but be very sparing... not over do it! I'm also tanning right now, so I don't want to really strip my face of a tan that the rest of my body has....

anyway, thanks for the reply .. any other help will be much appreciated!

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