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Hey guys im new!
Nov 9, 2005
Whats's up, i came across this site at this late hour while deperatly looking for some advice on what to do on my acne, my musical is in a few days and i want to look confident and clear faced under those brights!

I have an egg yolk face mask on my face hoping that will work I think it helps. Anyways my story is :: year of my sophmore summer i started breaking out a lot...then school kicked in and it seemed like there wasn't a clear spot on my face, i went through some rough times with family and stuff you know...i became an obsessive picker and now i have scars,things got really bad and i tried everything but one bad thing is i have really dry skin so most acne treatments made my face flaky and reddish. Then when i try to compensate with lotion it really clogs my pores...::sigh:: im lost! but then i started to take prenatle vitamins and fish oil it helped a lot my skin was actually dewy and zits started to go away, but now im feeling overwhelmed because of lack of sleep from these past couple of weeks i have been really having quite the nice little flare up and it scares me! i hope i don't have a repeat eof last year where i would hide under tons of makeup or my a ad self concience especially because i do a lot of things with acting and debate! .does lack of sleep cause worse acne or is it stress! Oh and for all you ladies out there who feel scared to layer on oily makeup that cakes around your zits..."Bare minerals" really works, you can actually sleep in the stuff...its expensive but i have seen a difference and its all natureal...the covering is better than any creme or powder founadation i have ever used and that says alot since i have almost mastered the art of concealing. Any advice on any of what i just said would be soo appreciated!!!

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