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[QUOTE=FadeToKeloid]All i do to treat my acne is wash my face once every other day[/quote]

First, no matter what kind of skin you have, your face really should be washed twice a [b]day[/b]! I don't think I've ever heard of a doctor or skin care specialist who suggests otherwise.

Also, regular Cetaphil cleansing lotion is just about the gentlest you can use on your face. It neither adds or strips your skin of its natural oils.

It sounds like your face badly needs exfoliation. What happens is that the dead skin cells (which we all have, regardless of skin type) are just lying on your face, trapping oil beneath the skin. The cheapest and often best way to exfoliate the skin is to take a tiny bit of cleanser (Cetaphil works great, by the way) and make a paste with baking soda. Very gently, massage it into your face. The slight abrasion will get rid of those skin cells. In fact, you may not even have dry skin at all but instead all the flaking is due to your face not being washed often enough.

One other thing that I use which had been a godsend is BHA (beta hydroxy acid). It's a lotion and it works beneath the skin to further exfoliate that top layer of dead skin cells. I'm just over twice your age, and until just a few years ago, I had the very same problems you did.
I think world traveler is right. Although acne is related to oil, it can cause problems for people with dry skin too. The dry skin/flakes are basically mixing with the oil your pores produce (even if it's not a lot of oil). Because of the flakes sitting on your skin, the oil has no where to go. So, it mixes with the flakes and then the flakes & oil combo totally block the pore and cause acne.

Sounds like you should exfoliate and get all the stuff blocking your pores off your face. Because your face is already dry and you don't want to make that worse, you might try a moisturizer with AHA or gycolic acid that you can wear at night instead of a harsh scrub. I'd limit any sort of scub to once/week.

You should wash your face at least once a day to get all the oil/flakes off. You might try washing it at night & applying the moisturizer with AHA or glycolic acid. Then in the morning just spash it with water.

good luck :)
Hi Amy,

Glycolic acid is actually one of the five types of Alpha Hydroxy Acids. (There is only one type of BHA -- salicyclic acid) Since I am acne prone, the BHA works well for me, but if I weren't acne prone, I'd certainly try the glycolic acid. I've heard it works very well for skin.

Here is an excerpt from Paula Begoun's book, "The Beauty Bible" (In case you aren't familiar with her name, she's been called the Ralph Nader of cosmetics and has written many highly informative books on the subject of skin care and cosmetics after doing years of research)

"The fundamental difference between AHAs and BHA is that AHAs are water-soluable, while BHA is lipid soluble. This unique property of BHA allows it to get throught the oil in the pores and exfoliate the built-up skin cells inside the oil gland. AHAs are much less able to do this because they can't get through the fat content of the oil (sbum). Therefore, BHA is indicated for use where blackheads and blemishes are the issue, and AHAs are more suitable for sun-damaged, thickened, dry skin."

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