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May 22, 2003
Proactive: I used this stuff for over 6 months. It was great. I was happy. I am sure a lot of you agree that it works.

Problem is that it stopped working. Or did it? I gota bunch of cystic acne by month number 7 or 8 - so I stopped using it and havn't used it since.

I still get acne and wanna know if I should go back to it.


I hear from doctors and users that this television money making stuff works well - only for a limited time. Then it stops working and maybe makes acne worse.

Go back to PROACTIVE? Or save the money and time. Cause I have done the 3 month RETIN-A and that didn't help much either.

By the way - check out my other POST on RETIN-A. I got a bunch of questions for that as well.

Wise to continue RETIN-A and give it another 2 month shot at it - even though 3 months of use hasn't given me a big difference?

Or back to PROACTIVE - somthing that cleared me up but stopped because I got a few zits. Just scared it will make my skin worse come 2nd time around.

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