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I'M SO FED UP WITH THIS NONSENSE OF ACNE. WTH is the point of suffering through this? I see absolutely no positives out of it. Except maybe you'll have more patience in life since it will be a LONG time before it goes away, IF EVER! Every freaking day waking up with rough skin, feeling like absolute crap. Then washing your face to get rid of the oil just to have it come back after an hour or two. Ok so you have let's say 3 or 4 pimples left to heal, ONLY TO KNOW THAT BY THE END OF THE DAY THERES 2 more forming. Or how about those pimples that stay for WEEKS AND WEEKS, even if you don't touch them. It's an endless cycle.

Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, fighting the same battle that almost seems winless. Spending hundreds and hundreds on products and appointments to a dermatologist. You know what sucks too? Having those painful cysts on your back and making it hard to sleep at night. It's hard to have any kind of self confidence around you when all you think about is your skin. I HATE people who complain around you when they have one tiny little pimple. They have absolutely no idea what people like us go through every day.

I would love nothing more than going up to the sweetest girl I might have ever met and ask her to go for a drink or see a movie sometime. But guess what? There's no confidence within me because of acne, and I bet she doesn't even care how my skin is.

Anyways, I needed to rant, it's been boiling up inside me for a few years since I rarely complain about anything. God bless you all that go through this everday.

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