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Hi, I'm a new user but couldnt find anything similiar to my situation. I hope you can answer my question or refer me to another post with an answer.

I used to have a lot of acne, but for a brief period (thanks to benzol perox., differin and tazorac) i enjoyed great skin, hardly anything on my face.

one day (february i think), a HUGE one comes out of nowhere in the middle of my forehead, right between and slightly above the eyebrows... not one of those begging to be popped ones, but the kind without a distinct head that seem to get bigger and bigger and bigger....

normally i would bear with the problem until it went away, but after almost EIGHT weeks without its disappearance, i had to give in. I wound up attempting to pop it (bad idea obviously, though this was surprisingly recommended by my doctor). my whole forehead swelled.

its gone down since then but now there is a slightly elevated mark/line where the mayhem occurred that pretty much hasnt gone away since (that's about 9 months... other typical acne scars ive had since have come and gone). the doctor claims it will not scar permanently but i know that part of inflammatory response (along with swelling) comes the formation of scar tissue. there seems to be a firmness under the mark that occasionally slightly swells (but when it does i cant tell if its the mark or new acne trying to come up).

ive tried retin A, bleaching stuff (triluma), the 3 things i mentioned earlier, kenalog injections, hydrocortisone (briefly, though i might try it again). nothing. i am at the point where im willing to try anything, heck maybe even urine therapy to get rid of this. i cant look into my eyes in the mirror without seeing this mark.

any ideas what this is and what happened?? what should i do and will it scar? any thoughts/comments will be greatly appreciated.

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