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[QUOTE=lexla]k8889- thats exactly how mine was! Ortho LO was my 1st bc pill...and within the week i was broken out so bad, that now i am on accutane to try to get rid of
*hopfully* forver. I did stay on the LO for a month but it just continued to get worse. I hope its better for you, Good luck :)

bbbsq11- Thank you for the post! Im sry to hear oTC didnt work well for you, its annoying that we have to try so many to get the right one, isnt it? Hope the 3rd time is the charm for you!

Has Questions- Thank you for your post , too! Im glad it worked for you, how long after starting did you see results/ clearing? I just started my 2nd month on OTC, so I dont know if thats enough. In total its my 3rd month on bc. Thanks again for your response![/QUOTE]

Well when I first started taking Yasmin for acne control, it worked after a couple of weeks.... but now like I said I am taking OTC and I am a month and one week into it. My skin is actually not as good as it was with Yasmin, but it is still okay. I think I need to switch birth controls though because OTC is making me extremely miserable to be around.... a lot of mood swings, and I am just MEAN! I am thinking of switching to OTC-Lo. You say that made your acne worse though? I am going to do some research and see if there are some that say it helps. ... Hopefully it will help me! Let us know how yours is going!

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