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hey everyone. I just started using minocycline ( which was perscribed by my doctor) and would it be wise to use like a acne cream like clearasil or natures cure, etc, on my face while taking the minocycline? or would it be better not to or just use a cream that the doctor gives? help me with some feedback. thanks.
i was on minocycline for just over a month. i found that i didn't really need anything else. the doctor prescribed zoderm wash and differin cream but i never really used them.
its up to you, you can buy those over the counter products.. but ther not as effective as the medication you get from a doc.
i was on minocycline for a few months and i found it worked well with and without other products. if your doc gives you a cream like retin a, or something to apply at night i'd use it just to help along the results. my regimen was a BP wash in the AM, clyndamyacin, spf sunscreen...then at night i used BP wash and retin A all the while i took my minocyclin twice a day. all that combined gave me fairly great skin! boy do i miss those days...good luck to you!

Use Benzoyl Peroxide as this is supposed to stop resistance to Mino building up, use 2.5 % as this is the least drying.
I'm thinking of starting Mino again next week so good luck keep us up to date with how it's going.
Alright everyone, thanks for the feedback. I will let u all know how its going after a while with or without other products added. oh yeah and thanks for the luck, im gonna need it.
Well it's been a week and 3 days since ive been taken mino and so far ive gotten a little worse, not to bad though. My face is becoming more dry which is making me wash less. ive been dabbing little bits of nc on the outside to help but so far not much progress. i still think its alittle early to tell. i heard it takes almost 2 months to see improvement. i hope this stuff helps, i hate acne and my face. anyone know a good thing to use for bacne? if not, its cool, ill find something.

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