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Acne around lips..
Nov 15, 2005
Hey guys.. I have acne around my forehead, very smooth cheeks, and only in the last year or so started getting it around my mouth and around my nose nostrils (at the bottom there in that are).. I read a different thread (kinda old now), but its here, [url][/url] . about Jojoba oil..

I used to never use chapstick or anything and then I started using it a couple years ago and have been hooked to it.. I use chapstick probably every hour, I never go anywhere without it.. so my lips always have chapstick on them.. And sense i've been doing that, or maybe just by coincidence, ive been getting acne around my lips area.. The ingredients are : "Vegetable oils, Beeswax, Lecithin, Jojoba Oil, Vitamen E, Aloe Vera & Flavors, Active sunscreen ingredient: PABA(6%). The chapstick is called "Nanak's Lip Smoothee" i think.. only chapstick i've used for the most aprt because it has no scent. Edit: I also kinda smother my lips with it :P but I try to wipe off the excess when I apply the chapstick..(but of course, some gets on the skin not being part of my lips)

Anyway I would like to know if anyone knows if those ingredients or just this sort of chapstick or something cause breakouts or are bad for skin in anyway? Or at least maybe another alternative to this chapstick, that does not have a scent? I want really nice lips(im a guy.. no im not gay or anything), but its hard to make them nice when their is acne clustering right next to it :(

Oh yeah, offtopic from this, I didnt want to make a new thread.. Anyone know of any good "Spot removers"? any details for any that work for you or anything like that? thanks !

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