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of course there is a link. there are studies that show that acne rarely occurs in primitive peoples who have no access to processed foods. this may have been attributed to genetic reasons but the study looked at people from the same group who live in more developed countries and found that many more of them had acne.

well a study can't test every variable but i don't see how a person who eats a diet of mostly highly refined foods can look that great. maybe with youth on their side but in the long-run...if you agree there is some correlation between appearance and diet and not just in regards to weight, then you should believe a good diet may help your acne. because i know that eating a lot sugar stresses my body out and causes me to blush a lot whereas if i eat the following menu i feel and look very good:

breakfast :plain organic soymilk and a tablespoon of organic raw honey.

snacks: organic raw broccoli dipped in organic canola mayonaise w/some organic garlic paste.(I have noticed if i eat a lot of raw broccoli my skin looks really healthy and clear.)

lunch: tuna fish mixed with a little pasta w/high fiber content, organic edaname (soybeans), and canola mayonaise

dinner:salmon w/brown rice and vegetables,miso soup, green tea, soymilk.

dessert:frozen mixed organic berries

however i doubt anyone can stick to a menu like the above or something similar to it unless they have a lot of discipline.

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