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When i had cystic acne on my chin,i restriscted my diet and know what it did nothing only good thing is i drink about a gallon of water a day so i don't drink soda so it won't stain my teeth other than that i don't see a LINK IN ME,while on accutane and after i am able to eat whatever i want,i gave a full year to eating 100 % healthy and it did nothing my acne got worse. I agree with Aaron if your prone to acne your going to get it and the age is about right teens till early/mid 20's.. then it might subside if then it was hormones not food triggering the acne. A good diet is good for alot of people i am not saying go on a low carb diet or eat this and that eat what you like but don't be afraid it's going to come back as a pimple in 24 hours since a zit takes about 2-3 weeks to form,unless your allergic to the food your eating there isn't any possible way a certain food can be the cause of your zits,they probably were on their way to emerging anyways. I feel what happens is we read these posts and then we eat something and go stare in the mirror for a zit,when we ate things before and didn't do that,if people didn't tell us food causes acne nobody would bother,then again eating Healthy isn't a scam it does a body good.. rather than these HERBS people buy to solve their acne problems when down the line they wind up in the derms office. HERBS should be regulated by the fda!They prey on people in denial and people who are looking for the quick fix with no studies to prove anything except fake posts that start a 2-3 month hoopla on the messsage boards Apple CIdear Vinegar,MSM,EMU OIL,all claimed to be "the cure" add these and all the others to the JUNK LIST..

Eat Healthy,Work Out,See your Derm,Be Happy :)
I don't mean to "bash" others' ideas, but I am frustrated by those who post information which is in direct conflict with emerging medical evidence. The very title of this thread, "Food doesn't link to pimples," goes against scientific and epidemiologic evidence which has emerged in the past 2 years. Why am I getting berated for advocating a diet which places minimal strain on the liver's enzyme system, results in lowering cardiovasuclar and cancer risk factors, and has cleared up acne for over a dozen people whom I have helped adopt? Obviously, milk thistle is an excellent herb and I myself take 300mg silymarin every morning, but the goal should be total health and not just a quick fix for acne. It angers me that people want to pop a pill and continue to eat junk food, and then go off on those who advocate going one step further and being totally healthy. This is the last time I'm posting here. Too much pseudoscience for my taste. Good luck to all.

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