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Post your experiences here if you've used the Mirena IUD. Thanks!
Yes On my chest
actually, i had my mirena iud removed yesterday because of this issue. it made me very sad because other than the acne issue, i loved it.

i had very mild acne before i got the mirena iud, but the mirena really aggravated it. i tried many topicals but none of them worked. my doctor put me on spiro which helped, but not enough.

now i am continuing spiro for at least another 6 months to try to clear my skin completely, and i'm also on a low dose birth control pill which should help.
I went to the doctor and to get my mirena out because I've been getting really bad acne. Well guess why? I've been on Combo pills since I was 16 and I am now 23. So I'm not getting the acne controling effects of combanation pills. I forgot that was the whole reason I started taking birth control. I've been on Doxy since Feb 23 and it has now shown progress, so if you think it's the mirena it is, but probably because you were on combo pills first. The doxy is great for me. I've responded to it better then try that first. Mirena is great.

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