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[QUOTE=amy07]I know, it can get quite expensive...especially when insurance doesn't cover it! But honestly I think its worth it. I have only gone once (my redness from the procedure has finally subsided...its been 5 days) and I can already tell the difference. I have scarring on my cheeks, and they look better already. I'm really excited about this since I've had these scars for 1-2 years. I only got my cheeks done and that was $500, but if you get along the jawline as well, the price jumps to around $750, it can go up to $1000 per treatment, but thats only if you get the whole face done. I'm sure it depends on your area/doctor for prices though. My doctor told me I would need between 3-5 treatments, but I think I'll only need 3 at the most. I've already been getting compliments on my skin (which I never have before) , so it must be doing something![/QUOTE]

wow thats great amy ... just curious, did you still have an occasional pimple? i still get one or two in random areas but they go away ... the question i have is if you did have pimples (some not a lot) before the fraxel laser treatment, did it kill them too?

also, have you guys have vitalize chemical peels? 4 treatments at $450 sounds pretty good to try. i was on accutane about 11 months ago and i want to figure out my options on getting my skin tone better, smaller pores, and the scars left behind. what do you guys suggest ... go straight for fraxel?

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