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i actually had very mild acne but very oily skin when i was put on accutane, felt kind of guilty taking it when i wasn't that bad, it's just damn persistent! at 23 years of age i've just had it with bad skin!! i'd kid myself into thinking all these natural remedies/products and antibiotics were working (admittedly mino worked well but i knew it was for a limited amount of time) and then i got real. my dad was 45 when he got rid of his acne and that was by taking accutane so i knew i was sentenced to accutane from the start really.

i'm now on day 21 i think (i take 40 mg a day which is the high end of dosage because i only just qualify for this dosage with my weight), i too got a headache in the first couple of days, the kind of headache tablets can't take away too!! but i've only had a couple since. the worst side effect for me is body aches!! they only kicked in around week 2 but my job involves sitting all day hunching over my patients (im a dentist in case that sounds a bit weird!!) so my back absolutely wrecks by the end of the day.

apart from that dry lips a little. no dry skin yet butthe oiliness has gone down massively, i can't tell you how amazing it is to wake up in the morning and actually have the decision of whether to wash my hair or not today. normally i have to wash it everyday as it's such an oil slick! oh i've had a bit of hair thinning in the last few days but my hairs thin to start with so i guess i'd notice it more. strangely, i've not seen any more strands in the shower than normal? anyways i'm using nioxin treatments and that seems to be helping a lot. i also plan to take biotin and/or brewers yeast to further combat this.

not drinking alcohol is a big gripe for me! going out with your friends who have had a skin full and you're stood there sipping lemonade, looking after them, making sure they get to the toilets ok without falling over and that they don't drink TOO much. IT SUCKS!! but i'm sure it'll be worth it in the end.

as for your dosage i wouldn't wory, i'm sure your derm knows what he's doing.

well sorry for the long post, good luck on your accutane aventure!

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