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Hi ppl,

I have stumbled across this site thankfully this afternoon and have read with interest many ppls accounts of accutane.

I have yet to take this step but as most, if not all, ppl on here I have tried all sorts of antibs and topicals... to no avail - I've had medium-severe acne for 11 years now.

I am currently on Minocin and Skinoren and have been on both for a year and a half! Together they are the best I've tried but have still failed to clear up my skin completely.... and so I have begun NLite.

The Nlite process starts with a glycolic peel to help unblock the skin, a few extractions (the woman used tweezer type things to squeeze out 'plugs' all over my forehead), and then the NLite (laser) to kill the bacteria in your skin.

Apparently 2-3 visits should clear it up.

Yesterday was my FIRST one!!!

It was slightly painful but this was only during the laser process (20mins). My skin wasn't as unsightly as they said it could be afterwards, just a bit blotchy from teh extractions. Not supposed to drink alcohol 1 week before or after :( ...but hey, I'd go without anything for clear skin.

TODAY my skin feels extremely soft and my parents are saying how clear it looks. My forehead does look clearer but my cheeks are still 'bumpy' with blackheads and active spots on my chin and jawlines are smaller but still very much active.

They also said the Nlite would make it worse for a bit and then it would clear up.

They have recommended 2 more treatments and I will keep posting on here to let you know if I think it's worth the money. My 2nd appointment's the 10th of Dec and then one more before xmas sometime.

As humiliating and awful as it is to have and talk about your acne, feel free to ask any questions - we're all in the same boat here, I will give as much info as I can.

Take care peeps and good luck :wave:

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