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I had one of the worse spots I ever had on my face due to pushing at the clogged pores. It got very swollen and extremly red, it was at least the size of 2 inches or more. I was so upset and very embarassed by this event, that i searched for a quick method to at least take down the swelling and reduce redness. I came here and some of you talked about the aspirin mask ,so i said ill try anything.

This all occured on sunday morning and it was horrible. I didnt try the mask until monday morning and I felt a slight tiggling when applied. I then applied it again at night and left it overnight this time. When i woke up I noticed my skin was peeling alot,but the swelling went down and a more normal color appeared. I then did it again for a overnight session, and found the same thing again even better. It really dried out the spot more than anything i have ever tried as a spot treatment,but also took the swelling and redness away faster than anything i have ever tried.

Im wondering if aspirin on the face is actually like a very strong chemical peel, because this is how it acted on my face. The spot that was the worse spot i beleive i have ever had since having acne since i was 12, has been the fastest spot to ever hear. All that is left is a very light discoloration that is not that visible, but still there. I was guessing i woudl be left with a mark that would last for about a month or so, but were talking about 3 days which it is almost healed. Im really starting to wonder if this should be somehow incorporated into a daily solution for acne in a diluted form, and is it safe overtime.

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