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Acne isnt caused by excess oil, because if you exercised you would break out more, and that really isnt exactly the case. Its caused by a variety of contributing factors, yes including genetics. Hormones releasing lympathic liquid and blood and toxins in the skin.. everything your body does is a reaction to something and has a reason.

What does your diet mainly consist of? The best thing I've done for my body is basically living off fresh fruits, vegetables (uncooked).. uncooked food, salmon, sushi, egg and water. It did wonders for me, and I have really similar skin to you. It stops the skin from retaining the oil.

Dont use perfumed or chemical products, keep your regime simple, exercise, drink lots of water... cliche, but it makes you feel better and does help out. I'm not saying this will cure your acne, but I'm sure it will help.

Products dont always help out, because acne is internal. DONT dry out the oil, this wont help. This will cause your skin to attempt to replace the oil. Even when you drain out the oil and put moisturiser back in, just PICTURE it!

Dry, Wet, dry, wet, dry wet....

its obviously going to do quite a bit of damage. Moisturiser is to give skin a little extra help with moisture, NOT to completely replace it because it has had its natural juices taken from it. Use a non greasy moisturiser, and use it only after cleansing.

Thats my bit.

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